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Hey, I'm Kristian
I'm 18 and I live in Canada. I run a multi-fandom/anything relevant to my interests blog. I love tea, and BOOKS! My blog is usually frazzled and random, kind of like my mind. So whatever I'm thinking, feeling, fangirling about at the time will be on here. As far as music goes I like 80's rock, indie, contemporary, basically any genre except for country, and rap. Some bands and artists I like: Jack's Mannequin, Tim Odell, Gabrielle Aplin, Of Monsters and Men, Panic at the Disco, The Darling Buds, Daughter, Passengers, The Lumineers, Sanders Bohlke, Ed Sheeran, Crystal Fighters, Five Finger Death Punch, Escape the Fate, Lydia, Christina Perri, Florence and the Machine, Parachute, Kodaline, Mayday Parade, Oasis, The Strokes, Imagine Dragons, Keane, M83, Mumford and Sons (I just like a lot of music, let us just leave it at that) As for my fandoms: Supernatural, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars,The Hunger Games, Reign, Arrow, Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story, Shameless, Teen Wolf, The 100, My Mad Fat Diary, Lost Girl, The Walking Dead, The Mortal Instruments, Sherlock, Dr Who, Once upon a time, the hobbit, lord of the rings, MUSICALS, the avengers, the list is actually endless. Message me and lets be friends, I don't bite.




what do you call this color gradient?


black to the fuchsia

oh my god

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Don’t think I’m taking my eyes off of you for a second.
Don’t think I’m taking my eyes off of you for a second.

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Laverne Cox shoots for Luke Fontana

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                                       Don’t you have any  h a p p y  stories?

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"You don’t disrupt genius at work."

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OUAT’s resident videobomber, Colin O’Donoghue


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